Our Services

Our Services

We Are Building A Sustainable Future

Roof Top Solar Panels

Take control of your power and your savings with a roof top solar energy system for your business or home. 

Ground Mounted Solar

Ground Mounted Solar power is an excellent choice for businesses and homes owners that want to save money, protect the environment, and ensure that they have reliable energy in their future. 

Solar Carports

Carports and canopies generate a ton of value for both your solar system and your property value.

Charging Stations

Our electric vehicle charging station supplies energy to plug-in electric vehicles. 

Solar Storage

With a solar energy battery, you can store that excess energy from your solar panel array for use when needed.

Outdoor LED Lighting​

With LED lighting, you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, boost productivity, improve safety, and more.

Indoor LED Lighting

From warehouses to offices, Mudd Energy has leading LED indoor equipment to illuminate any space.

Solar Financing

Mudd Energy has many options and providers to ensure your financial needs are met when going solar.

We are experts in cost-effective, high quality commercial and residential solar solutions. We offer packages tailored just right so that you can enjoy clean power at your own pace! 

Our Process

How We Work?

We Manage the Details So You Don’t Have To

Consultation & Quote​

Together, we’ll clarify your goals, address any questions, identify purchase options and incentives, and outline the solar process—placing you in the driver’s seat for everything moving forward.

Survey & Design​

Our solar specialists will assess your property and define specific requirements in your area. Then, we'll design a solar energy system to help maximize your savings.

Permitting & Installation

We work on your behalf to navigate state, local, and utility requirements. Once permits are in place, our experienced build team steps in. We’ve vetted and partnered with the best clean energy experts in the nation to ensure your solar power installation is skillful, timely, and precise.

Power & Support

We'll schedule the final inspection and work with your local electricity company to get you connected, fast, to solar power energy and savings. With ongoing support and system monitoring you can count on us for the long-term health of your solar power system.

Our Contact

Reach out today if you’re ready to get started! Our team of experts will help you find your way to owning your own energy.


What They Said about Us

“After being forced to move twice within five years, our customers had a hard time finding us and our sales plummeted. The Trydus Co. not only revitalized our brand, but saved our nearly 100-year-old family business from the brink of ruin.”

Jessica Jane


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We Are Ready To Help You To Get A Solution

Mudd Energy is an innovative solar energy company committed to providing comprehensive solutions for our customers. Our experts have learned that many business owners are interested in clean energy but don’t know where or how it can be done! We take all of your worries away by making long term savings easy with cutting edge platforms, and multiple financing options. Take advantage of the endless solar energy savings with Mudd Energy today.