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Solar 101

The sun is a powerful source of clean, renewable energy. Did you know that in the short time it takes to read this text, enough sunlight will hit the Earth to power the world for more than a week? Just imagine, you could leverage that power to save money on your electricity bill, offset rising electricity costs and become your own clean energy provider right from your roof. With our equipment, you can harness your share of sunlight and power your life. When you go solar with Mudd Energy, you can do all of this with ease.

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How Does Solar Energy Work?

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If you’re a property owner, your future is looking very bright. Because solar is more practical, more reliable, and more cost effective than ever. Solar is truly here. With more of us using our homes for both work and family life, it makes even more sense to offset that increase in energy use. In a nutshell, here’s how going solar can save you money.

  1. During daylight hours, your system produces electricity, which you use to power your home. Instead of buying electricity from your utility company.
  2. Any excess electricity you produce flows back to the grid.
  3. And when the sun is not powering your home directly, the electricity you need comes from the grid, just like it always did. But now its cost can be offset by the amount of excess electricity your system produced during the day, simple.
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How Do Solar Panels Work?

They capture the energy from the sun and convert it into usable electricity for your building. While the amount of power your panels produce will depend on your location, roof, and the specifics of your system. Your building will remain connected to the electrical grid so you can access power from your electricity provider as needed. In net metering areas, excess power can be sent back to the grid and earn you credit on your electricity bill. And if you add a battery system, you can access clean solar energy, even when the sun goes down, rates go up, or power outages roll through your area.


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Going Solar can be overwhelming; hardware, design, financing, installation, permitting, inspection, tax incentives — it’s a lot. We aim to make it easy. You can trust us to provide quality work at competitive rates. Keep in mind that no two buildings, or systems are exactly alike. Your cost and your savings depend on factors like your location, your roof configuration, and how much sunlight it gets, how much electricity you need, and how much you want your system to produce. What’s important to consider is the long-term value and performance of your investment. Our experts will assess your location to finalize a proposal that will include estimated payback period, your cost out of pocket, and the tax incentives for your area.

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A Mudd Energy representative will visit your location to outline the benefits and savings you can expect by going solar. Our representative will help determine if going solar is right for you. 1) A survey team will design a customized solar panel system specific to your project. 2) A certified installation team will install your solar panel system. 3) You begin saving money immediately!

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We only install the best equipment for your home. We use tier 1 manufactured equipment from manufacturers on the Bloomberg list for all solar installations. Our modules have a 25-year performance warranty as well as a 45-year life expectancy. Our high-quality modules are resistant to hail up to an inch in diameter and resist wind up to 2400 pascals (140mph). 1MW or larger modules are trusted by lenders and financed by the top lending institutions.

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Roof Top Solar Panels

Solar panel systems continue to increase in popularity among property owners as a viable, affordable and reliable alternative energy.

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LED Lights provide high quality lighting solutions for commercial needs. We work with top lighting manufacturers to deliver the best products at incredible rates.

Solar Carports

By installing solar carports or solar canopies you could be making easy money from an otherwise untapped financial resource on your very own property.

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